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Let’s Get Ready to Crumble!

The Game

Build up a world piece-by-piece using the power of the god-like Fates, while keeping them happy enough to avoid world-shattering temper tantrums!

Build your world using tiles

Place carefully and match the sides to avoid collapse

Awaken the Fates to gain more powers

Watch out for their tempers!

The Fates


Fate of Civilization

Does most of the work holding up smaller worlds while the other Fates make a mess. Provides the Maker with the ability to place grasslands, construct cities and fleets.


Fate of the Ocean

Usually a pretty cheerful fish, but if you don't expand his watery domain, he'll do it himself. Dislikes ships, oil rigs, and people who mispronounce his name.


Fate of the Forests

Tree-hugger with a short fuse. Allows the Maker to grow and strengthen the forest. Beware his world-ending elbow drop.


Fate of the Earth

Call upon Catlas to preserve large worlds, but when she stirs from her eternal slumber, so does the earth itself.


Fate of Pestilence

The only Fate that loves his work enough to show up uninvited. Nothing makes him happier than famine and ruin.


Gaia Fate of Eternal Calm

World building is his favorite spectator sport. His calm energies keep the other Fates at bay, allowing the Maker to be more expressive.


Gaia Fate of Judgment

Passes judgement once awoken. If she believes the Maker’s world to be lacking in strength and beauty, destruction awaits.


Gaia Fate of Records

Fortuna watches carefully while her sister Ragnarosa slumbers. Each accomplishment increases her confidence in the Maker's abilities, and she convinces her sister to stay her hand longer.


Elder Fate of the North

Her grand entrance will chill you to the bone, but her northern lights will keep your world cozy.


Elder Fate of Magic

A true connoisseur of forbidden knowledge. And meteors.


Fate of Demonstration

World demolitions at reasonable prices.













  • Easy to pick up and play casually, but also offers deep challenge for more strategic players.

  • Handcrafted in-game pixel art, a soundtrack of symphony & steam by composer Robby Duguay, and Twitter-shareable worlds!

  • The powerful Book of Fate keeps track of your progress and chronicles your adventures!

  • Two game modes—test your world-building skills in timed cycles of creation and destruction under Ragnarosa and Fortuna's vigilant watch, or take your time and build up a world as large as you can at your own pace, under the calming influence of Serenity.

  • Accessibility options cater to gamers with motor skill, cognitive and vision impairments.


  • Multiple control schemes, remappable keys and input options

  • Design and colour palette are resistant to 3 types of colour blindness

  • Advanced options for cursor speed, font size, game speed and more

  • Separate volume controls for music and sound effects

  • Full-screen and windowed modes

  • All menus and screens have a half-second cooldown between inputs

  • In-game hints and guidance for new players

  • Assistive tile auto-rotate feature that learns your preferences

  • Comprehensive save system featuring overview of progress, multiple save states per save file, and thumbnails for each save state for a quick visual reference of progress

What They're Saying About Fate Tectonics…

If you play only one real-time polytheistic tile-placement world-building strategy puzzle game, make it this one!

Raigan Burns Metanet Software (N++)

Has all the joys of creating with all the pains of having it crumble away around you.

Jamie Tucker Asteroid Base (Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime)

Fate Tectonics is a beguiling game; it lures us in with the cathartic pleasure of clicking together puzzle pieces. The satisfaction in snapping the precise piece into the perfect place is matched only by games like Carcassonne. That is until you realize that you are actually playing a precarious game of house of cards with three angry toddlers stomping about.